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Untaian Kata Kata Terbaru

Publicado en por Kentut

Untaian Kata Kata Terbaru - One, two, three .... ten, "just count to ten Irma opened his eyes. He drew in a deep breath and then exhale berlahan in. Then, berlahan feet stepped in following the middle-aged man who had first come into a room full student in white - gray. Yes, today is the first day he entered his new high school after officially yesterday afternoon mendaftarkanya parents at the school.

While still staring ahead, Irma kept walking. Middle-aged man who had escorted her in the know as the guidance counselor at the school is preparing to return to his office. Before really - actually passed, not forgetting the man threw a small smile toward Irma. The smile that helped her relieve her nervousness. Soothing smile, and in that instant Irma decided that if the guidance counselor at the school are delightful people.

"All right children. Please your attention for a while. Today you the arrival of new friends. Well, what's your name, please, can directly introduce myself," the mother said the teacher who had been in the class since the beginning towards Irma. Again - again accompanied by soothing smile. Make Irma smiling and feel more relaxed.

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